Thursday, October 23, 2014

Avengers 2 "Age of Ultron" official trailer

The Avengers 2 "Age of Ultron" official trailer is out and it is SUPER Creepy! Can't wait for the actual movie!

There are no strings on me.

Monday, October 20, 2014

AOE Dinobot Snarl

Presenting the Snarl from the Transformers Age of Extinction - AOE - toyline.

AKA the Dinobot that probably seemed least menacing in dinosaur mode that he wasn't included in the movie and was instead replaced by two raptor looking Dinobots - Scorn and Slash.

But then history has never been kind to Snarl. As we've discussed before, his name was co-opted by Slag in other toy-lines of the Transformers simply because "Slag" somehow over the years ended up being a derogatory term for women.

Probably simply because Dinobot Snarl transforms into a tranquil Stegosaurus - which is usually looked upon as prey for T-Rex's.

Which is a great injustice to the legacy of the Dinobot Snarl if you were to ask us.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Star Wars Vintage Edition Darth Vader - Anakin Skywalker

Presenting Darth Vader - Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars Vintage Edition Series.

Obviously this was what Darth Vader looked like before his best friend and mentor General Obi-Wan Kenobi left him for dead burning next to a river of molten lava on the planet Mustafar.

So Darth Vader didn't really spend much time looking like this since he had a busy day: First he cut off Mace Windu's sword arm allowing Chancellor Sheev Palpatine to kill him (Yes, just today it was revealed that Emperor Palpatine's first name is Sheev - I'd keep it a secret to - and he'll be referred to as such in the upcoming book: Tarkin by James Lucerno); assembled the 501st and purged the Jedi temple; said goodbye to his girlfriend, and; flew all the way to Mustafar to wipe out the last of the Separatist council.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UNO 96 Maggie Wilson

UNO's 96th issue has hit the newsstands with the very beautiful model and professional entrepreneur Maggie Wilson on the cover.

This issue is dedicated to all our readers who are hard working business owners or who are striving to become Entreps and is filled with inspirational stories from a few of today's more successful business owners that includes Maggie Wilson.

Featured in UNO 96 are Entrepreneurs Tony Meloto (Gawad Kalinga); Jason Magbanua (Visual Storyteller);
Aldous Alingog (Ropali Motorcycles), and; Kim Lato (Kimstore)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

AOE Dinobot Slog - Sludge

Presenting the Voyager Class Dinobot Slog - Sludge - from the Transformers Age of Extinction toyline - AOE.

Slog is based upon the Dinobot Sludge. Michael Bay in his infinite wisdom decided that, as with Slug / Slag,  that it would be better to call Sludge, Slog.

To the uninitiated, Slog is actually a real character in the Transformers timeline. Slog is a Deception Pretender - a robot that hides within the hide of some hideous looking beast and one of the combiners who formed Monstructor. The Decepticon Slog also formed the artistic movement called Slogism which depicted the war between the Decepticons and the Autobots in mangled horrific forms.

Michael Bay decided to remake him as a Dinobot. To his credit, Bay also remade him from being a Brontosaurus - a creature that actually never existed and was created out of the erroneous combination of two distinct dinosaurs - to being an Apatosaurus. It's interesting how much our knowledge of dinosaurs has grown since we first saw the Dinobots in 1984.

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