Thursday, April 17, 2014

What if: The Black Widow gained the power of Thor?

The Black Widow with the Power of Thor. Well there's something you don't see everyday - and we certainly didn't see that coming. But yes, that's Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova AKA the Black Widow wielding Thor's Hammer and gaining his powers in the process.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Marvel Legends Captain America - The Winter Soldier

Presenting Captain America from the Marvel Legends The Winter Soldier series.

When the Heroic Age of the Marvel Universe started following the fall of Norman Osborne from power, there were two Captain Americas and Steve Rogers decided to give up his shield to Bucky Cap and assumed the title of Commander Rogers as the new Head of SHIELD. The position came with a new costume which we was redesigned/used in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie - which we now see here.

We were frankly a bit concerned in the early trailers that showed Cap as Commander Rogers because frankly we believe that Bucky makes a horrible Captain America. He simply does any moral ascendancy and he's a charismatic bore and we could not bear to see Bucky Cap - especially since the guy needs his uniform to remind him where his genitals are.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Marvel Legends Black Cat Skyline Sirens

Presenting the bootylicious Black Cat from the Marvel Legends Spider-man Skyline Sirens series.

We at the Dungeon were severely disheartened when sometime in 2004 (?) Toybiz released a Marvel Legends Black Cat along with a Spider-Man Sinister Six pack, and to say that it looked horrible was an understatement. The Sinister Six Black Cat looked like a transexual who was a bondage fashion victim. There was nothing sexy, hot or appealing about that figure and quite frankly the sooner we forget about her, the better. The only thing that the Sinister Six Black Cat had going for her was her high articulation which was as much a boon as it was a bane because once her joints loosened, posing her became a problem.

So we're really happy that a real homage to the woman who stole Peter Parker's heart has come into existence and we felt that we absolutely had to have her.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Robocop 3.0 2014 Action Figure

Presenting a Robocop 3.0 Action Figure figure based upon the 2014 movie from Jada Toys.

A lot of people did not like the reboot. That's sad. We at the Dungeon loved the movie.

Yes it wasn't as violent - making it a more watered down version of the original, but we felt that it had a better, more realistic story: We enjoyed the preview of the future of medical technology and the realization that such developments are not that far away from becoming a reality; we enjoyed the twist where it was Murphy's humanity that ovethrew his programming - unlike what happened in the original movie, and; We liked how he was able to move faster (i.e. he can actually run) than his former counterpart.

True though, we have to admit that it looks like Robocop's director Jose Padilha has a severe case of Bat-envy. Making him all black does not make him any less or more "tactical" and we sincerely doubt that hardened criminals would be intimidated by his color.

Monday, April 7, 2014

UNO Magazine Issue 93

Does it feel like the hottest summer ever?

Pick up the latest issue of UNO Magazine with Irina Ansell on the cover and you're guaranteed to feel even hotter.

Irina epitomizes scorching hot and is the perfect girl to bring anyone out of hibernation. This Polish-born seductress has Jewish, Italian and Russian blood running thru her veins and her sun-kissed complexion coupled with her sultry gaze will get your blood running to all the right places.

Find out what keeps UNO Magazine's summer siren focused (hint, she's actually quite talented behind the lens as she is in front of it), discover some of her deepest darkest desires and even be surprised that this girl can take you to court (and even provide the background information to boot).

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