Thursday, August 28, 2014

HALO 4 Warthog

Presenting the HALO 4 UNSC Collector's Edition Warthog.

Okay! This is the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, Warthog (or simply Hog), as it appears in HALO: 4. Now we should point out that when this blog started a lifetime ago in 2010, we featured the HALO Reach Warthog. Till today, that Warthog remains one of our most valuable Dungeon displays.

But this puts it to shame.

Over the past ten years or so Bungie has really made it a point to refine the graphics that went into the HALO games, but what here is more than a polish or design enhancement.


This is a completely different vehicle.

Monday, August 25, 2014

TF4 AOE Scorn

Presenting the Transformers Age of Extinction TF4 AOE Deluxe Scorn.

TF4 AOE Scorn is a Bayformer Dinobot - meaning he's not based upon any G1 Dinobot and was made just for the movie.

We suppose Michael Bay found the idea of a Brontosaurus and a Stegosaurus too.... peaceful for the rampage he intended in Hongkong, and instead went for the dinosaur that killed the Tyrannosaurus Rex (Grimlock's Alt mode) in Jurassic Park 3 by snapping the T-Rex's neck: the Spinosaurus (We wonder if Bay is a fan of Jurassic Park).

A Spinosaurus supposedly rivals the size of a T-Rex so we're wondering if one day we'll see a Leader Class version of Scorn.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Marvel Legends Black Widow

Presenting the hard-to-find Black Widow from the Marvel Legends Captain America the Winter Soldier Series.

It really took a long time to find her. We're not sure if this is because Marvel wanted a female chase figure or because a lot of people like the Mandroid BAF and are chasing her because she has the connecting torso for the Mandroid. We have seen people complain "How does Marvel expect us to army build Mandroids?"

We believe it's a toss up. There are those like us who don't care about the Mandroid and just want the hot Marvel Action figure, and there are those who just want the Mandroid (This is supported by the fact that she's quite common, loose on ebay where she still goes for quite a high price). So the Marvel Legends Black Widow is Hard-to-find, not rare. There is one on Amazon for US$ 34.99 plus shipping (Roughly PhP 1,539.56 plus shipping).

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Transformers Generations Whirl

Presenting the Transformers Generations Whirl - in his "Heloped" mode.

Okay: We're Robotech fans and we really love the Guardian/Gerwalk mode. The Guardian/Gerwalk mode is an accidentally discovered mode for a Veritech/Valkyrie fighter in mid transformation to Battloid/Battroid mode as you can see here in our review of a VF-1S Strike Valkyrie. And we've loved how this "accident" looked on various Starscreams that we've reviewed.

But.... this isn't Robotech.

These are Transformers.

A triple-changer is a Transformers that shifts from one solid concept to another i.e. car to robot to helicopter (Springer), car to robot to hover-craft (Sandstorm); Train to Space-Shuttle to robot (Astrotrain), etc....

None of them make use of in-between forms like Transformers Generations Whirl.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Marvel Universe Rhino

Presenting the Rhino from the Marvel Universe Series 5 toyline.

To the uninitiated, the Rhino is Russian enforcer Aleksei Mikhai-lovich Sytsevich. He was chosen by the mob to undergo radiation and chemical experimentation because... get this.... "They thought he was stupid so they could control him"

Anyway, like the Hulk, the Marvel Universe's Rhino is Gamma Radiation born. Like the hulk, the Gamma Radiation gave Aleksei enhanced strength, endurance, resistance to injury and speed. To give him even more strength and resistance to injury the Russian mob bonded a suit to his skin that made him stronger, faster and more resistant to injury. The suit was later destroyed and the Rhino today uses a suit that isn't bonded to his skin.

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